Smile aesthetics

Complete smile therapy

Complete smile therapy by Zimmermann encompasses both a method and an approach to addressing aesthetic, periodontal, and functional issues of the oral cavity.

Patients visit the Zimmermann Dental Aesthetic Studio for various reasons: to achieve a new smile, alleviate pain resulting from various conditions, and restore their ability to eat and chew comfortably as they did before.

The goal of Complete Smile Therapy approach is to help the patient understand that the beauty of his smile depends primarily upon the health of his oral cavity. In order to create an aesthetically flawless smile it is necessary to set healthy grounds. In practice, this means that the so called prosthetic part of the therapy (the dental impression and the insertion of the crown/bridge/prosthesis in the mouth) is the last step.

Before that, the gums need to be taken care of, the caries need to be removed and the teeth cured. To provide all these services, expertise, knowledge and practise are needed because these are different kinds of dental procedures. Only when we’re done with the periodontal and/or endodontic treatments we can move forward with the smile planning.



Your first step is your decision! That moment when you realise that your face deserves a better smile and that your overall quality of life should be significantly improved.

Dr. Marko Zimermann doesnt have a first exam, but the first and the second one. It takes time to properly meet the patient, set his diagnosis, plan your dental therapy and the way your new smile should look like. It’s the time you and your smile deserve.



When considering the health of your smile, it's important to remember the amount of time it took for your teeth to reach their current state. Typically, these processes span for several years. Complete Smile Therapy is a comprehensive restoration process that also requires time and dedication. The prosthetic work created upon unhealthy, poorly cured grounds will result in even longer and more costly therapy in the future. Additionally, when prosthetic therapies are poorly planned and executed, that critical moment arrives sooner than expected! And with poorly planned and executed prosthetic therapies, that moment comes quickly!

Before the detailed first and second exam, the panoramic x-ray and the clinical exam it is not possible to predict how long your Complete Smile Therapy will take. What we can claim with certainty is that it will last exactly as long as it takes for your oral cavity, soft and hard tissues to become healthy and therefore the best possible place for your new smile.

“I truly care about the health of my patient’s teeth because I care about my job. I am not one of the many copy/paste dentists. The skill and the expertise are a matter of education and practice, while the personality is impossible to copy. To my patient I offer durable solutions in which I believe in. I don’t do compromise solutions which I categorise as patching. Socks are patched, not teeth and the health of my patients.”