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At Zimmermann dental aesthetic studio, we provide mobile and fixed orthodontic services.

Invisible mobile dental appliances

Orthodontic treatment with transparent aligners involves the creation of nearly invisible custom-made aligners. Exerting gentle pressure, teeth are gradually moved to their correct positions. They are periodically replaced with new aligners to continue the progress until the desired alignment is achieved.

Compared to traditional metal braces, mobile aligners are less visible, offering greater discretion. They are highly practical, allowing easy removal and reapplication during meals, thereby facilitating improved oral hygiene.

Made from a specialised plastic material, they are suitable for individuals of all ages. This means that if there is a suitable indication, they can be recommended to both children and adults.

Orthodontic therapy with invisible aligners

In order to be able to assess whether patients are suitable for therapy with transparent aligners, or whether desired results will be achieved with their help, it is necessary to perform the entire diagnostic procedure, which includes:

  • taking impressions, intraoral scanning of the jaw and creation of a 3D model
  • intraoral and extraoral photography of teeth
  • X-ray of the jaw

The entire diagnosis is then sent to the selected institute (depending on which aligner manufacturer we choose) where your personalised aligners, are made. According to the set plan, we will monitor the movements of your teeth and the set goals of the therapy and, if necessary, send new diagnostic parameters for processing in order to create new sets of aligners.



Upon receiving your initial set of aligners, you will visit Zimmermann dental aesthetic studio for a fitting and detailed instructions on proper usage. Throughout the day, you will wear the aligners continuously, except when eating or brushing your teeth. The aligners are removable, allowing you to briefly take them off as needed.

Wearing these discreet aligners will seamlessly integrate into your daily routines without disruption. Each set of aligners is worn for a duration of two weeks before progressing to the next set.

Initially, the aligners will snugly fit your teeth, as they are specifically designed to gently and accurately shift your teeth. Over time, you will observe a gradual movement of your teeth into their new positions.


Depending on the anomaly we’re correcting and the patient's financial possibilities for treatment, in Zimmermann dental aesthetic studio we can recommend two types of invisible aligners produced by two different brands:


In addition to orthodontic therapy with invisible mobile aligners, we also provide fixed orthodontic services for children and adults.