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Grillz - a step further

When we think about dental jewellery, generally we tend to picture miniature crystals/gems which are applied on a chosen tooth. Aesthetics in dentistry have gone a step further with Grillz. It is also a form of dental jewellery which can be applied on one or more teeth. The possibilities of Grillz design are unlimited - the selection of the materials will depend on the patient’s budget. Grillz can be made in partial or complete, small, full, hollow, between the frontal teeth or between the jaws - the are no limitations.

In Zimmermann dental aesthetic studio, we can make grills from gold, platinum or the classic metal that we use for metal-ceramic bridges. Additionally, crystals/gems can be incorporated into the design. What is important to know is that Grills are jewellery and should be treated as such - they need to be removed during meals, before sleeping. If patients do not follow these rules, there is a possibility of tooth damage.


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“Gold and the golden teeth have always been a symbol of strenght, status and wealth, just as they are today. Grillz Zlato i zlatni zubi su oduvijek simbolizirali snagu, status i bogatstvo, baš kao i danas. Grillz teeth jewellery is not for everybody, it is an extravagant accessory that needs to be worn in a certain way.”