Preventive and conservative dentistry

Oral surgery and periodontology

At Zimmermann dental aesthetic studio it is also possible to perform certain procedures in the domain of oral surgery and periodontology.

Oral surgery

Tooth extraction, the removal of smaller dental cysts, or performing apicectomy (removal of the tips of tooth roots) are common initial steps in Complete Smile Therapy, particularly in cases of chronic inflammation or fractures.

To facilitate comprehensive prosthetic rehabilitation, it is crucial to extract teeth that are beyond salvaging and/or preserve teeth with a favourable prognosis. These measures prepare the jaw for subsequent phases of treatment.


Healthy gums are one of the basic prerequisites for successful prosthetic therapy but patients often neglect this segment of oral health.

Red and swollen gums are signs of gingivitis (mild inflammation of the gums), which can be successfully treated, while receding gums and visible tooth necks already speak in favour of periodontitis, which requires a much more serious approach to treatment.


Failure to diagnose and treat periodontitis promptly will inevitably lead to the eventual extraction of all affected teeth in the affected area. The loss of teeth resulting from periodontitis contributes to the resorption of the surrounding bone, which is caused by the long-term presence of plaque and the bacteria.