Premium experience

What is Zimmermann premium experience about?

Skill, craftsmanship and mastery in dentistry represent the essential prerequisites for providing dental services of exceptional quality

These are operatively recognised in the form of manual dexterity and precision, educational and technological superiority, and superb craftsmanship, additionally confirmed by prosthetic works of impeccable aesthetics, function and quality.

dr. Marko Zimmermann doesn’t acknowledge compromise and solutions half done, for him the perception of individual approach isn’t just another line of his resume - he firmly stands behind his personal approach to the patient and the premium experience service he provides.

When thinking about my virtues, I like to emphasise empathy, dedication, composure, a steady hand and understanding. I strive for excellence and I demonstrate competence. I don’t give false hope, I don’t mend and I don’t recommend bad and/or solutions half done.”

Marko Zimmermann,
DMD, specialist in dental prosthetics

Zimmermann dental aesthetic studio

Pioneers of dentistry in Croatia


The former Zimmermann Practice was opened back in 1990 as one of the first private dental practices in Croatia, where, among other things, one of the first dental implants was installed.

Dr. Marko Zimmermann cites his father, Dr. Ivan Zimmermann, as his primary and greatest influence. Focus on meticulousness, dedication and commitment to details, perfectionism and proactivity are values that father and son have firmly woven into the Zimmermann premium experience.

Dr. Marko Zimmermann


Dr. Marko Zimmermann is a Doctor of Dental Medicine and a specialist in dental prosthetics.

After obtaining his graduation diploma at the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb, he specialised in dental prosthetics. He completes his additional training with a postgraduate specialist study in dental implantology - the only training in Croatia (along with specialisation in surgery) that allows him to place dental implants.

What patients gain with Zimmermann premium experience?

Modern dentistry is all about education and technology available to everybody. What makes a difference between different dental offices, studios and clinics is the experience of the patient which reflects his perception of the environment, professional approach, implemented technology, education and the end product.

Unlike other medical branches, in dentistry, the approach to the patient, the sole moment of the treatment and the exceptional quality, function and aesthetics of the prosthetic work need to complement one another in such a way that the patient leaves the office extremely satisfied with everything. It is that intangible moment that separates the obsolete term "individualised approach" into a premium experience that every patient experiences in Zimmermann aesthetic studio, without exception.

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“I provide long-term solutions that I strongly believe in. I do not accept compromise solutions. This principle forms the foundation of my Complete Smile Therapy which encompasses a comprehensive rehabilitation of the oral cavity. As a result, it ensures optimal function and aesthetics, satisfying both the patient and myself.”

First visit at Zimmermann dental aesthetic studio


The initial dental visit at Zimmermann Dental Aesthetic Studio involves a clinical examination of the patient, along with the interpretation of a panoramic image. In case you do not have a recent panoramic scan, when you schedule your first examination at our studio, we will also arrange an appointment for you to have a panoramic scan at a nearby collaborating practice.

Slow dentistry


dr. Marko Zimmermann is a passionate advocate of high quality dentistry. His commitment has earned him an international recognition, and due to his exceptional approach, he has been invited to join the Slow Dentistry Global Network as a member.

The health of the oral cavity, its function, and aesthetics all start with the right approach, which serves as the foundation for everything that follows. Adhering to correct technical and operative protocols requires time to ensure that each service and treatment is carried out in accordance with professional standards. So why is the Slow Dentistry approach advantageous for patients?

Why Slow dentistry?

Because it takes time to clean, disinfect, inspect and prepare the office for medical procedures and dedicate yourself to the patient.

Slow dentistry is based on 4 basic postulates of ethical dentistry:

of the surfaces, chaira, instruments. Cleaning agents stand for a minimum of 10 minutes due to their characteristics, such as bactericides, virocides, fungicides. Disinfection is a priority because nothing else instills more confidence and security in the patient.
Open, honest and clear communication between dentist and patient is the basis for a long-lasting and reliable relationship. dr. Marko Zimmermann always takes enough time to explain the plan, possible complications and payment. A dental procedure should be pleasant and stress-free.
each patient responds differently to pain and has a unique pain threshold. It is the right of every patient to have a pain-free experience. Sometimes, the duration for the anesthesia to take effect may vary. It is crucial to possess the knowledge of administering anesthesia and ensure its effectiveness before the actual dental procedure.
one of the fundamental tools for ensuring safety during dental procedures is the gold standard, which refers to a latex sheet used to achieve complete isolation of the tooth being treated, such as during treatments or fillings. It also serves as a preventive measure against instrument aspiration. The use of this tool requires both time and expertise, and a member of Slow Dentistry would not proceed without employing it.

Diagnostic evaluation and optimal solution proposal

First visit


After finishing the clinical exam and interpreting the panoramic image, Dr. Zimmermann discusses with the patient the findings regarding his oral cavity condition and the necessary solutions for the identified issues. Following the initial examination, an individually tailored and comprehensive therapy plan is prepared.

Second visit


The definite therapy plan and the best solution for the patients problematics will be explained in detail to the patient. The second visit includes detailed description of the therapy phases and the definition and planning of time management and dynamics necessary to ensure the therapy concludes with mutual satisfaction.

Recall i Follow-up system


In Zimmermann dental aesthetic studio we consider it our obligation to follow the patients through and after the end of their therapy.  Our recall system includes regular reminders for the patients to ensure they remember their scheduled check-ups and appointments. In addition to the recall system, Dr. Marko Zimmermann considers it extremely important to photographically document the condition of the oral cavity and prosthetic works over time. Our work in your mouth, documented over time, is a proof of our care for you, our expertise and impeccable quality of prosthetic work.

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“I don’t do sales, I do medicine!”